Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen- “Because kitchen has memories having their way to the heart”

We are passionate about designs and every corner of your home waits for you to decorate it and the kitchen is the most essential part of our spaces , why not then make it so appealing it makes working and spending time in the kitchen more relaxing and dignified?
  • Our kitchens are designed with precise measurements crafted with absolute perfection which we promise will leave you awestruck at sight experiencing love at first sight with your kitchen
  • Established with high quality fine materials which reflect class for a kitchen that impacts a life for lifetime.
  • With assured durability we offer high resistant kitchen interiors safe from abrasion and corrosion making it easy to assemble and setup
“Kitchen that is luxurious , remarkable and distinguished”
Space Maverick
assure you wide range of thoughts, innovation and durability once you go through them they will surely make you wait , wonder and tale to step to create it
  • Kitchens that inspire and aspire – We create them
  • Your imagination we create – with functionality and harmony customizing your thoughts and contemporary designs with warm and appealing yet sophisticated and traditional layouts .the kitchen you imagine in your thoughts we assure you to get erected before you
  • Colors make life beautiful - every imagination needs a color to be perfect getting you to choose between a wide range of shades of colors and textures to give you a feeling of luxury and elegance
  • Appliances make you things do hassle free – assembling new trend appliances with the best quality dependable and trusted which makes your kitchen comparable to none
  • We make boring interior design look great.
Lets get started with the intensive procedure that we follow Meet or call your expert at your doorstep
  • I. A detailed discussion with our expert is the initial step in analyzing your requirements
  • II. In accordance to it we will have a precise survey of your space and scope of work
  • III. Every details so precise and exactly measured with no errors
  • IV. Something from our side for you yes a 3D preview of free design options will be a treat to go through for selection
  • V. Considering a 360 degree information wheel you obtain a detailed quotation which doesn’t make it compulsive for you to buy.

Beauty Accomplished Through Imagination

Space Maverick - Modular Kitchen

“Creations echo louder than words ” PRESENTING YOU SOME OF OUR AUTHENTIC CREATIONS
An ideal modular kitchen design has everything you need, where you need it, and at easy reach! Think of how and where you use various items in your kitchen and put everything accordingly. The shape of your modular kitchen and the floor space plays an essential role in accomplishing this. And with the necessary information in a place you plan your kitchen interior design with the help of a professional. Before you get started to remember the right layout is a base to designing the perfect kitchen.
It helps determine the kind of storage options you can add, additional design elements that can fit in and the type of lighting that will play well with your modular kitchen. So let’s begin with the most important step, designing a modular kitchen layout!
Space Maverick

Why Choose A Space Maverick Modular Kitchen Design?

Durable Cabinets – with soft-closing hinges and sturdy build.

Moisture Free Technology – repels moisture from entering the core.

No Air Bubble Technology – for a smooth and seamless finish.

Precision Engineered Manufacturing – with an automated process for error-free cabinets.

Up to 10-year Warranty* – on all kitchen and living room design.

We provide best modular kitchen interior design

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