Modular Wardrobe


Wardrobes are no longer just a space to store your clothes in. They are now a statement in style and a focal point that enhances the décor of your bedroom. And not just the bedroom, they can be customized for every room that they form a part of. We understand that designing a wardrobe isn’t as simple as choosing a piece of furniture. This is why we have put together a few specifics that will help you get started. Read on and get a step closer to the wardrobe of your dreams!
How you want the sections inside your wardrobe is an entirely personal choice. Some people prefer separating all their clothes and accessories into separate drawers and shelves, while a few others like all accessories in a single drawer. We suggest that having plenty of hanging space in the cupboards makes organizing clothes easier and keeps clothes safe against creasing.
The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the colors or textures of the exteriors of your wardrobes. You can decide to add a splash of color to your bedroom by choosing a wardrobe in a bright color, contrasting with the rest of the room, or opt to keep things understated by having your wardrobe blending in well with the walls and furniture around it. The materials you can choose for your doors could be laminates, acrylics, membranes, and even glass. Happy decorating, everyone!

Modular Wardrobe - Interior Designing

“Sustainable designs you cherish”
 Flattering designs – Curate designs that suits your life for creating an everlasting impression which will add uniqueness to your bedroom , a décor so refined with perfect details , finishing and luxury
 Organizing with complete space utilization – everything in its place while making place for everything , we assure your selection cause no clustering
 Textures with alluring shades – flamboyant colors combined with excellent textures to give a beautiful finish and feel
 Superior fitting and dependable accessories – fitting and accessories so durable and strong they add perfect finish to your wardrobes and storages
Modular Wardrobe

Open wardrobe

Modular Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes

Modular Wardrobe

Walk-In Wardrobes

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